My Nightmare!!


Elise Moir KTVK-TV Phoenix, AZ

“If you’ve ever had a Photographer Nightmare, then you can understand this story, but it wasn’t a dream. I was doing some yard work one day at my house when I noticed some strange vehicles driving around my street. Finally I asked who they were, and they were the cops (Sheriff Dept.) staking out a house about 10 houses down from mine. No biggie, went back to my lawn. Next day, I hear a Sheriff Chopper above, and yup, it’s flying over that house. So I call the station, and drive over there. There is another photog there, good scanner ears, and when I get out, he say’s, “Hurry up, shots fired”.

So I, in my gardening attire, run to the back of my car, and proceed to put on my brick battery. IT WON’T GO ON!!!! I think I was so excited, I was a little rough. I can’t get my battery on my camera, and I have 4 people sitting in the driveway in hand cuffs, a couple were shot and screaming for help. Come to find out a cop had been shot as well, they killed a guy, and MY CAMERA ISN’T WORKING!!! I find that if I hold the battery on, and just put my camera on the ground, I can roll tape. That does me a lot of good though. I notice the problem, it’s the little pin on the plate that holds the battery, it’s bent. So I try to bend it back and it breaks off!!! Now I’m totally @#&%$!!! While the other photog is getting great stuff, I’m just sitting there wondering what to do. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! Then I look up, and there’s a neighbor with his VHS-C cam corder. I run up to him and ask if I can use his camera. He gives it to me, and I’m golden. I get the cop getting brought out, and all the other stuff that goes with it. Granted, it looked like home video, even had the date, time, and life of the battery, but it’s better than drawing pictures. Now, when I put my brick on my camera, I do it very softly.”

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