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Cop Suspended For Chokehold On CBS 2 Cameraman

Dash cam captures man shooting at police

TV Cameraman honored for saving crash victim

Slain Anchorwoman Remembered For Energy, Cheer

Cameraman struck on live TV

Broadcasters Mark 100-Day DTV Clock

How Bad Will It Get in Local Markets? 

Supermarket Tab ‘Weekly World News,’ Home Of Bat Boy, Sold To — Bat Boy!


Fox TV station technician facing child porn charges

Thai politician assaults TV journalist after live interview

SC TV station dumps local sportscasts

Layoffs announced in Denver

Veteran DC reporter Bob Strickland is dead at 72

KOMU cuts overnight shift

New Orleans anchor booked for DWI, not suspended

TV anchor Solarski charged with DUI


Hurricane-crazed steer attacks Beaumont news crew 
steer “

Maine anchor gets hate mail for Palin resemblance

NBC crew member injured in fall during Packer game


TV producer found dead, kid at feet

KLAS Las Vegas Cuts 17

Cutbacks expected at WNBC

Powerful Senator Sees Potential DTV-Transition ‘Crisis’

Trade group calls switchover ‘a catastrophe’

More D.C. Cuts for ABC News

Ch. 6 to extend early-morning news show’

Sports anchor arrested

Charges Dropped Against Reporters Arrested During RNC


Amy Jacobson sues CBS 2 for airing bikini video

News anchor arrested on DUI complaint

Overlap on KSDK angers viewers

Some Press for More Notice of Transition in TV

Layoffs Keep Coming

KWGN-TV to launch 5:30 p.m. newscast

Officer and Photog Scuffle

Photog Not Guilty of Interference with Police
FirstAmendment1a (1)

TV reporter, cameraman plead guilty to trespassing charges

Black Anchor Out After Using “N” Word

TV news helicopter violates Presidential airspace, says FAA

Kitten Rescued from Fox 17 Station Car

Final hour for newscast

Suspect in fatal crash found in TV vehicle

NBC11 Reporter Robbed While Covering Story On Smash-And-Grabs

LA TV news stringers to become TruTV series

Wilmington to be digital TV test market

Barrington To Slash Staff

WNBC Plans 24-Hour News Channel

ABC News to launch on-campus bureaus

Some Pappas Telecasting Stations file for Chapter 11

TV news photographer arrested

ABC News producer threatened by W. Va. coal exec

Layoffs of CBS veterans signal industry in crisis

CBS, CNN downplay ‘outsource’ rumor

Fox 25 employees vote yes to unionize

FCC Levies Fines on Retailers, DTV-Equipment Suppliers

Lima sports reporter dies in crash

Hooligan Who Broke Cameraman’s Camera Arrested

TV crew denies passing fatal flu

More Layoffs at ABC News

Police say TV copters hindered standoff negotiations

TV Manager Won’t Be Charged In Car Crash

KUSA rechannels workload, product

Ala. station drops plagiarism charge against fired reporter

Owners close news division at KREN, Spanish station

TV photog beats rescuers to Canadian crash survivor

Video catches El Paso TV news crews drag racing
Watch video and read comments

Black TV crew attacked by white assailants

Cleveland TV reporter suing Hustler magazine over nude photo

Erie man charged with threatening Erie TV news crew

Cops: Man attacked TV cameraman

Troubles Lead Ex-TV Anchor to Suicide

Minn. paper “outs” TV stations for using its stories

Police seek man accused of threatening TV station staff

TV reporter faces obscenity charge

Ex-Newsman John McWethy Diesmcwethy

Man charged in snowmobile crash that killed TV anchor

Former Tampa Reporter busted for Child Porn

Former Boise TV anchor arrested for domestic abuse

Former Meteorologist Wants Jail Sentence Tossed

KSHB photojournalist hit by car records moment of impact

Anchor accused of staging

TV cameraman, companion hurt in ambush

TV crime crew reveal brush with gun on Liverpool street

Truck driver indicted for running over cameraman

Good Samaritan Photog pitches-in

WNBC Reporter Attacked, Robbed In Greenwich Village

CBS Employees Ratify New WGA-CBS Agreement

Fire totals television station

Man Indicted After Crashing into TV Studio Window

St. Louis station banned from news conference

Chicago reporter saves colleague’s life

Cause of Tower Collapse Still Unknown

CNN Correspondent Verjee Slightly Injured in Kenya

New Media, New Newsroom

Cameraman’s mistake leads to confusion over lotto numbers

Television Legend Ray Farkas, 72

Wife outs adulterous Chinese anchorman

WABI-TV 5 equipment cuts power in Bangor

Cameraman charged with obstruction at crime scene

Public TV cameraman gunned down

France asks Niger to release arrested TV crew

News Anchor Killed in Ogemaw County Crash

TV Reporter Rolls as His Family’s Dream Home Goes Up in Flamesreporter-home-spt1

Local 10 Reporter Arrested While Covering Story

Suspended Dallas reporter has become the story

Fired TV reporter sues WKRG

Can Columbus’ famously combustible news director be tamed?

GM apologizes for weatherman’s goof

L.A. mayor’s girlfriend demoted by TV station

FCC urges fine for Comcast

BBC to integrate news operation

TV executive jailed after roadside altercation

Analog, Digital a Must for Cable

Small Cable Operators Diss FCC’s Carriage Decision

Broadcasters Urge Congress to Block ‘White Space’ Devices

Police still investigating Orlando newsroom

Ex-TV photojournalist killed in helicopter crash

Fresno Anchor Facing Serious Charges after Arrest

News anchor gets probation, will soon return to work

Dropping sports called good idea for WTKR news

NAB’s Sander Praises TV’s First Responders

NFL’s new vest policy is out of line

Another news chopper incident

Ex-forecaster insists she’s not guilty of shoplifting

‘Early Show’ bails on flooded studio

Pit bulls attack TV, radio station workers


Police review actions of TV crew at office protest

Voice-over actor tapped as traffic reporter

Family files civil suit against anchor

Eyewitness News back on after fire

Broken Pipe Cripples TV News

Philly shooter slugged

Photog arrested

Camerawoman files claim against Los Angeles

Another TV News Copter Goes Down

TV Station Fires Worker Over Porn Prank

TV Reporter Found Guilty Of Contempt


Orlando station cuts back on sports

Buffalo TV sports experiment is over

Texas sports anchor arrested and charged

Indy sportscaster won’t run for office after all

Santa Rosa TV station fires news staff, to ask local folks to provide programming

Bomb scare shuts down Oregon station

TV Helicopter Pilot Saves Stranded Deer

*Watch video

Pols Call For Warning Labels on Analog-Only TV Sets

No charges in arrest of ‘Car Czar’ reporter

Fox journalists released in Gaza Strip, ending nearly two week hostage ordeal

Cincy TV stations settle sideline-camera flap

Death stuns, angers reporter’s family

Bossier City businessman accused of attacking TV crew

Wife of kidnapped Fox cameraman makes tearful plea for release

Ex-news anchor arrest

Popular Weatherman Passes

Former TV personality charged with soliciting a child

Voice of the Razorbacks Dies in Car Accident

Sentence in crash that kills photog

Cameraman tossed from tour

TV station editor beaten up over report about broken privatisation promises

Chopper 4 crashes during search
Once again a near death incident. Glad everyone’s safe…but here’s another reason why I’ve given up helicopters for good.

Cameraman Claims He Slept With Princess Diana
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. You go get ’em cameraman!

Broadcasters’ audience size sets new low
The least-watched week in history. Going downnnnn….

Bank robbery foiled by TV reporter

Fox, AP Settle Photog Flap

“Miraculous Recovery” for CBS’ Dozier

Soldier gives CBS reporter his Purple Heart
I’m betting that this will be Kimberly Dozier’s most prized posession as she struggles with her recovery.

Armed gang caught on phone camera
What’s a criminal to do when everyone now can snap a photo of his getaway. But if you’re like me it will be out of focus and 3 seconds too late.

Reporter should not have been fired
for f-bomb
The guy thought he was off-camera and it wasn’t on purpose. He’s only human ya know.

TV crew arrested at copter crash
Copter hit a TV tower to boot.

FCC Looks at Stations’ Use of PR Videos
Why would TV stations even bother with this stuff? Are they that hard up for content? Pull another story off of Pathfire guys.

Bush jump-starts speech thanks to miscue
Like W needs another bullet to shoot himself in the foot.

Bush jump-starts speech thanks to miscue
Like W needs another bullet to shoot himself in the foot.

CBS cameraman, Soundman killed, Reporter critical
Caught in the crossfire of Iraq’s internal struggle, journalists are risking everything.

Cameraman and Reporter Beaten in Kabul Riots
Afghanistan , the” other” war zone, is still very dangerous for journalists now covering war AND riots.

KOIN’s new owners show aggressive side
It’s every man for himself as this station moves to cut to the bone and protect the “asset”.

WRAL-TV Rolls Out Subscription-Based TV Service for Wireless Users
Local news on your cellphone as this cutting edge station once again looks to the future. How many people would pay to watch your local TV news?

Minn. television reporter arrested on drug charges
Selling oxy to an undercover cop? Wouldn’t some extra freelance work have been a little safer?

Bush jump-starts speech thanks to miscue
Like W needs another bullet to shoot himself in the foot.

BBC Apologizes for Interview Gaffe
This is great….a cab driver in the lobby gets whisked into the studio as web expert.
Watch the video


Web site postings get reporter fired
Note to reporters: you are not allowed an opinion. If you want to be a pundit, get yourself an agent.

Teens can’t name major TV networks
I’m not sure but I think this is a GOOD thing.

NBC producer fired for plagiarism
He stole from “West Wing”. Next time…try Wikipedia.

Aussie anchors face jail for contempt

CBC anchor dies in snorkeling accident

News staff fired for protesting MN ND sacking

News crew compensated from sale of Klansman’s home

Wichita anchor saves woman from choking

Dig Fails to Turn Up New Clues About Missing Iowa Anchorwoman

TV reporter Andy Fox pleads guilty to drunken driving

Ad creep on local newscasts rankles

Alleged prankster of TV anchors pleads

US journalist released from Afghan jail

TV reporter killed covering mudslide

Glover In Paparazzi Punch-up

Jude Law Sees Red And Attacks Cameraman

TV Host Csonka Fined $5000

Brothers charged with kidnapping; News crew attacked

Weather Channel Crew Arrested

TV reporter arrested, says police threw him to ground

WFAA Gets Streaked!

Watch the video!

Milwaukee newscast bids final farewell

Buffalo news crew gets ready to sign off

Fla. police retaliate against TV reporter

Union sues WPVI-TV over news report

Chicago anchors ordered to wear colors

Journalist Death Toll High in Iraq War

Tribute to Beutel

More on Sinclair Scaling Back News Central

Raleigh newscast signing off

TV crew ‘sensationalised confrontation to make a better show’

Journalist, cameraman arrested during broadcast

TV reporter not guilty of trespassing on Port Authority property

‘48 Hours’ apologizes for altered image

KSTP refuses ad that criticizes the media

ABC Cameraman Leaves Hospital

Newscast shutdown follows rocky week

Lawyer: ‘Weathercaster was supplied heroin’

WTSP anchor sentenced for driving offense

ABC Cameraman Vogt in Outpatient Facility

Fellow workers knew of TV anchor’s affair

Bahamas guards accused of hitting Miami reporter, detaining cameraman

Cincy station to drop local newscast

Close call for Ch. 7 news crew

Reese’s Theme Park Photog Found Dead

Photog disrupts Chris Penn funeral

TV crew facing jail after court filming

Homicide led to media mix-up

Cincy station launches Web-only newscast

Camera Gear Interrupts Bush News Conference

Interview with soup man doesn’t go down well

Fire kills anchorman

Former TV reporter charged with shoplifting

Anchorwoman Accepts Proposal on Air

Ex-TV reporter Barth joins race for seat in Congress

ABC Cameraman shot dead in Baghdad

Shootout video cameraman drops out of sight

Spitting at TV cameraman earns suspension

Pittsburgh TV Reporter Cited For Trespassing

TV photogs attacked outside court

Break-in delays W. Va. newscast debut

Viacom lays off 11 at KOVR, KMAX

Colo. station suspends local news

NFL won’t act on Benson altercation with TV crew

Phoenix ex-forecaster faces shoplifting trial

Personal ties cost KATU reporter

DC Station charged Gov’t. for promos

Former Colorado TV Anchor, SNL Comedian, Commits Suicide

Vikings unhappy with way KMSP-TV is covering scandal

Sinclair sues former D.C. bureau chief

DC TV crew threatened while covering murder

Wife of TV Legal Analyst Found Slain

Reporter resigns after fabrication

Cops taped in New Orleans assault on TV producer

2 get jail in scam against WTAE-TV

TV news anchor sentenced

Anchors squabble on set

KSWB news changes hands; 30 to lose jobs

Ex-CLTV anchor gets probation for soliciting child online

Idaho weatherman’s theory that mobsters caused Katrina is labeled ridiculous

TV anchor faces charge

Former TV reporter pleads guilty to wiretap charge

New Orleans Station Gets Boost From Paxson

CBS News Taps Avid

Hospital gunfire shakes ABC News crew

Cameras Captured a Disaster but Now Focus on Suffering

assault1a Cameraman Assaulted

Pittsburgh station damaged by water main break

Canadian broadcasters wage labor war on the Web

TV station refuses to air anti-war ad days before Bush visit

Emmis Communications sells nine TV stations

Station forced to hand over tape of Sox riot

Pit bull goes after FOX 12 news crew

TV crew hit by tree limb, hospitalized

WB49 newscast cut in half

Boston reporter fired in dispute over story

WISH gives romance green flag

WOWK Canceling Newscast to Make Room for ‘Dr. Phil’

Reporter’s Role With Pitcher Being Investigated

Broadband users watch less TV

Weeks wore her emotion on camera

Local TV Reporters Injured On Job

WXLV and WUPN will end newscasts

Baltimore paper bans reporters from talk radio

New DVR drops jaws in London


TV crew rescues woman in flood

Minorities Comprise 21.2 Percent of Local Television News Staffs

Studies: Too much TV may inhibit learning

Camera Phones Lend Immediacy to Images of Disaster

Digital imaging tech widens newsgathering

Former TV reporter not guilty by mental defect

Journalists under fire from protesters and police at G8 summit

Rogers apologizes for tirade against cameraman

KUTV to produce daily 9 p.m. newscast for KJZZ

TV station moving newscast from Charlotte back to Columbia

ESPN, ABC Sports Merge Ops

New e-book release by Roger Jeakings

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